Monday, November 2, 2015

A Whole New Level of Amazing - November 2, 2015

What's up!!!

- first off s/o to @dahlelama for the Sailor Swoop t-shirt, luv you man. #MOARLASOARVISON

- 3 bears spotted down the street from the stake center, unfortunately we had a dinner we had to get to or else I would've gotten pics.

- Saw a dude standing in the middle of the street holding a piece of card board that had "trump is a racist pig" written on it. That was fun.

- Exchange in Bozeman freakin rocked. Did a lot of tracting at MSU and it felt soooooooo good being back on a college campus. Made me miss Jared and I's adventures last year on the hill. Taught some solid lessons and met some awesome people. Can honestly admit I probably said hi to more girls that day than I did all last year so #AchievementUnlocked.

- Also got to volunteer at the community cafe while on my exchange.
Sooooooo much fun. Met an old dude named Thomas that was mute so I taught him the restoration while he responded by typing on his iPad.
Very interesting experience, didn't like me talking about the Book of Mormon but still fun. Also made some new friends that live in Belgrade and want us to come teach them, pretty pumped about that. Really enjoy working the soup kitchen (still no Prius's involved). Love seeing how happy people get when you bring them their food, really makes me realize how good I had it growing up.

- District meeting was spiritually uplifting as always but the role plays get a little out of hand when the splash elders are involved.
Elder Potter played the role of a dog while I took the role of a missionary tracting. He is now splash elder and/or the potter spaniel.

It probably sounds dumb but the simple things out here make you laugh, freakin love Elder Potter

 - Heard "Beer in Mexico" on the radio while working the thrift store and we found a $5 gps.

- WARD HALLOWEEN PARTY FREAKIN ROCKED!!!!! Love this Ward so much, oh man I'll be making trips up here for that party when I get home. Award for best family costume went to the Chidester's for doing Inside Out.... But for best independent costume had to go to Brother Pommerville who dressed up as a Brother Stovall. Apparently his wife didn't think the shorts were appropriate for a Ward party (they
weren't) so she made him wear *her* tights, #ManCardRevoked. Oscar was also a dang good Captain Hook too!

Wow. Another week done, can't believe it's already November. I've said it before and I'll say it again..... The weirdest thing about serving a mission right now, is that it doesn't feel weird anymore. I've just gotten used to this lifestyle of 100% gospel and having demon puppy's bite me while praying with investigators, or having people walk up to you to tell you you are a cult. I'm actually used to that??? What the heck???? But one thing that I don't think I'll ever get used to, no matter how many times or how little it happens these next 20 months, is what we did on Saturday....  And it includes filling up that font.

Dang, I thought last week was special, and it was! But last Saturday was a whole new level of amazing. Brian struggled getting them under the water, but it even made it that much more genuine. That night we went over for dinner and Brian told us that was the best day of their life. That family means so much to me.

As for Oscar.... Well he didn't plug his nose all the way so when we came up he coughed for a few seconds... Then said "wow!!" And laughed.

He and Nora were so happy. Whenever he prays he always talks about how "today is a good day" and that he hopes tomorrow can be even better.

He came up to us after the baptism and said "today is a good day, there will be no more bad days, my soul is pure". I didn't even know what to say back to him. He has a very special spirit. I was able to confirm him during sacrament meeting and the spirit he has truly is pure. Who knows if he will  be able to serve a mission, but he has been a missionary to me. Can't wait for the day he and I are up in heaven playing super smash bros/Pokemon and his body and mind are perfected, we are eternal best friends.

Church on Sunday was really special. For the first time in a couple months, I really felt like I was at home. After the confirmation was testimony meeting and Brother Turner got it started. Maybe it's the Grey hair or the fact he was snoring during conference a month ago, but he really reminds me of @pettbryan. He has a daughter serving and a son leaving in a few months. It was very special hearing his testimony as a father of kids serving, from the perspective of a missionary, especially when he reminds me so much of my dad. He said that the blessings felt when they are away, out weigh any of the struggles of having them gone. Then in Elders quorum we were talking about the lessons we teach our kids. I obviously don't have any kids so I shared the number one thing @pettbryan taught me, to love my mom.

My dad has taught me many many many many things..... But I'm especially grateful he taught me that one. So blessed to have the family I have, I'd be nothing without them.

Elder Christensen and I were sharing stories about when we have felt the spirit the strongest in our life or true happiness. Took me a second to think of one, but once they started coming they just didn't stop. Brady baptizing me, Stick to the Task, the Mann's setting apart, holding Z or Diz or BayBay for the first time, that last night in Disneyland watching fireworks after camping out on Main Street for 6 hours for that spot. So many times in my life I have felt that true happiness, and it's because of my family. Now as a missionary, I feel that same feeling with other families.

New month ahead of us, time to get back to work! Got a pretty good feeling about a few families so another big week ahead of us. Very blessed to be apart of this work, still hits me randomly at times that I'm actually a missionary. You spend your whole life thinking "2 years", when now it's "20 months".  Gotta make it all count, every second that ticks by, it's running out.

Love ya guys, going to explore the Bridgers today so be ready for some sweet pics next week!!!

- Elder K

----- remember how Mater used to be blue??? That one's for you Z!!!

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