Monday, July 27, 2015

Montana! July 23, 2015

Hello! We didn't get a p-day with the way our MTC p-day worked out but they did give me permission to write ONE quick note!

Tuesday I hung up with mom and was feeling a bit better, but still a freaking emotional wreck haha. I honestly was doing fine but that front runner ride ripped me apart big time. After a long, grueling 54 minute flight we (28 new missionaries)arrived in the treasure state, got our bags and went to the mission home. Not gonna sugar coat it, this was the hardest day of my life! I walked in and instantly felt like I was at grandmas. The smell, the carpet, the pictures. It was starting to hit me that I'm out here without you guys. We went to the stake center and did more orientation and going over rules. RULES RULES RULES. Apparently I can't even wear a Utah shirt to bed. We went back to the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting.

Aaaaaaand I had another breakdown. Everywhere I looked I saw our family.

That night I was in a hotel room, felt good sleeping in a legit bed and the entire time I just stared at the phone. I just wanted to talk, I needed someone to talk to, but knew I can't. I have a job to do.

The next morning we went to the temple and if I wasn't head bopping from the lack of sleep I was on the verge of tears.... BIG SURPRISE! I couldn't wait for the celestial room because I knew I was going to have an experience like what happened in Provo. I actually rocked it at the veil, only needed a little help. Then before I could even sit down the tears were flowing. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father, most sincere prayer I have said, more like talking than praying. I told Him how much I love you guys. How grateful I am for you, how awesome you are, but how hard it is for me to be away from you. I also had a little chat with those Angels I talked about last week. Mainly I was thinking of the grandparents or stick to the task. This was the last time I'd be In the temple before our new friend (Lindsay and Kasey's baby) arrives this Christmas, I was hoping to get a vibe for a boy or girl but never got one! I told her (leaning towards a her) how much I love her and that she better come before Christmas. I told her to give you all a big hug for me.

I looked up after and found Elder Hendricks standing in front of me with open arms. We hugged and cried. Then he whispered "he knows how you feel". Love Elder Hendricks, he and I will be companions some day and that zone will explode.

I felt a lot better after the temple, got a pic with the president and his wife too. I wish I could send it but this is from the iPad. I'll send it Monday along with others when we email from a computer so I can upload. I really love President and Sister Wadsworth. He and I talked basketball for most of our interview!

Afterwards we went back to the stake center and spun the wheel of revelation. No joke, a legit wheel with the different zones in the mission. They made the assignments before hand but this was just a fun way to find out. We'd spin it then they'd tell us if we were right! I got Bozeman, Belgrade 1!! I was pumped, only 2 zones have football and I got one! After we found out we went to Golden Corral which was amazing (tells you what mtc food must have been like) we got to spend the night just tossing the football and talking. I talked with Elder Potter quite a bit, got some solid pics including a Heisman pose!

Got up the next morning and the AP's threw a set of keys at me, told me I'm driving! I was pretty nervous, but felt good they and the pres trust me. It was about a 3 hour drive. Just gorgeous, gave me time to think while the other elders napped!

Well here I am now, Bozeman zone in the Belgrade 1st Ward! My comp is Elder Jaques. He is the district leader, good dude. On our way to our..... Residence... He made a distinct effort to run over a gopher in the road. Never seen someone so happy to kill rodent! He's from Vernal, Delene Jaques is his mom so add her on FaceBook. So we pull-up to our place and it is a trailer!! Apparently this is what we have for a couple weeks. I'll try to take a pic of a pic so you can see it. Yes I'm holding a chicken. Montana baby.

Well that's kind of it, I'll talk more in my big email Monday. I still miss you like crazy, I'm just worried that I'll forget how much I love you these next 2 years. Mornings are the hardest because all night I dream about you guys. Some things will still be the same when I get back and a lot of other things won't, that makes me sad. I love you all so much, I'm doing better, when I get discouraged about being away I just remind myself this is shaping me into the father I will be someday so I can have a family like ours.

I have so  much more to say but no time!

Love Ya guys! I can read emails on the iPad whenever but can't respond till p day! Love you all sooooooo much!!!

- Elder K

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