Monday, July 3, 2017

"Family On Three" - July 3, 2017

What's up Fam!!!

As Ricky Bobby would say... "I don't know what to do with my hands."

I want to thank all of you for the support these 2 last years. It's been an amazing journey and nothing I say or do can fully describe how much I have loved it. When I realize just how special these last 2 years have been, I also realize how grateful I am for the family, friends, church leaders, coaches, co-workers, random people, and even tweeps 😉, that helped guide me towards a mission. It was not always in the plans for me, but looking back I recognize how many people Heavenly Father placed in my path that slowly directed me towards serving a mission. Thank you. 

I want to cap these emails off with 3 big takeaways from the last 2 years. It's been a complete overload of experiences and memories... trials and set backs... but I wouldn't change a single thing... not even the #Tickcident, that was a true mission classic. There's a lot I have learned, but there is a lot I'm still learning and gaining a testimony of. These 3 were tough to narrow down and honestly I can't even come close to describing all that has happened, but this is what I believe to have learned the most, putting them into words is the next challenge. 

1. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost love us and want us to be happy. 
They don't want us to be happy just for a few minutes... or a few days... They want us to be happy forever. We have the ability to choose which paths we will take, and I know that by following our Savior's example we will find greater joy than anything else. That doesn't mean life will be a cakewalk, but Heavenly Father will mold us and direct us to true joy.  He loves us, I know this. He loves us enough that he expects us to choose the right. He knows we can do it. He's provided us a Savior, Jesus Christ, who knows exactly what we go through. Through baptism and confirmation we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, to comfort us and guide us. On top of this we have family, ward members, a prophet, scriptures, prayer, and so many other resources to help us succeed. He wants us to return back to Him even better than we were when we came here. He wants us to succeed. We are never ALONE, and we have no reason to ever FEAR. As Bishop Hawkes would say, and taught me, "I'm not scared". That's not out of pride, arrogance, or stupidity... it's because of the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. When we put our trust in our Father in Heaven, Savior, and Holy Ghost - there is no reason to fear when you are doing what you should be, but only rejoice. 

2. The power of the restoration and the Book of Mormon. 

While I don't know everything about the Restoration, haven't personally met Joseph Smith, or hold the gold plates... I know the fruits from it are amazing, I don't need the physical evidence because I have seen what it does and faith opens us up to way more blessings than "believing when seeing". The Priesthood is real, I have seen the power and blessings of it. The Book of Mormon is a powerful tool God has given us, and strengthens my testimony of the Bible. It proves that Joseph Smith is a prophet and Christ's church is restored. Before anyone critiques the church or it's views or standards, I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon with the real intent it requires and ask God what he thinks about it. I didn't always think it was true, even during parts of my mission, but that required me to go through the same process we challenge people to go through... and guess what, it works. I really believe it is true. It's brought me so close to my Savior and Heavenly Father, and the spirit teaches me every time I read it. 

3. All about family. 

I loved my family so much before I left, and 2 years later I love them even more . It's been rough being away from them... specifically in the Fall... , but in the process I found the Montana family that are making this Saturday a little more difficult than I imagined it would be. The people here have taught me so much, and I'm really going to miss them. Something they taught me is that Church... the Gospel... the Plan of Salvation... why we are here... why we serve missions...  it's all about family. We are all brothers and sisters striving to return home. Some of us know that, others do not, but that doesn't change the fact we are family. The Gospel works as wide scale as uniting so many of us together, but is also so specific and applicable to each individual family and person. While I may not know everything about all this, something that I know without any doubt, is what the Gospel does to families, both current and future. Those that I have been lucky enough to teach have shown me that. As you see the light turn on and slowly get brighter and brighter, you realize what this is all about, they are happier. Not because of me, but because they are drawing closer to the Savior and obeying his commandments.

I know Heavenly Father loves us and is so eager to pull the trigger of blessings onto us. This is His and our Savior's work, and all the credit and glory to them and the Holy Ghost. Trust Him, follow Him, love Him, and I promise you that you'll feel a difference in your life. Whatever Satan is poking you with, turn to the Savior and let him help you out. None of us are perfect, we all need Him. We have a lot of potential in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, let the Savior help you reach it. Don't be afraid of change, I was, and I quickly learned change is one of the best parts of life. 

I love all of you, thanks for joining me on the journey in the Big Sky. I love this Gospel with all my heart, it's not a once a week thing... or a trend... or a feel good story when life sucks... it's an eternal commitment and it's true. And I can honestly say now, I'm committed to it. We are all wanting to be happy, and I know this leads us to the true joy we are looking for. 

Holy cow guys I can't believe it's over. I get I'm just rambling now... but wow. I have loved it so much. I can't describe it. 

Happy 4th tomorrow, as Ron Swanson says "history began July 4th, 1776. Everything before that was an accident", we are spending the day at the Robison's and there isn't any other place I'd rather be. I'm so proud of that family. The evening lightsaber battle with the kids and fireworks around us will be legendary. 

I'll do this sign off official since it's the last one 😉


- Elder McKay Pett  

(Well In the words of @TeamBetaAlpha) - Elder @MPett3 signing off. 

***I'll be speaking in church this Sunday and all of you are welcome to come. I'll attach the cute flyer my mom made. Even if you just wanna come for the food after you can do that we won't be mad, I just want to see you! 


- #WelcomeToMontana
- Ball at the Stark's and Hank the Tank... the Stark's puppy. I fed him an Arby's fry once (well he stole it) and now we are bros. 

- walked into a home and saw this one. Caption being "when you tryna save the world but it's the end of the month and you are low on miles." - #MissionHumor 

- sleep over with the Treasure's in Big Sky last night... it was a party... McElvany was in the bunk above me. This place is sweet. I'm going to miss the Treasure's a ton but we are only a short 5.5 hour drive away in the Panther ;) 


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