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More Ice Cream - June 13, 2016


- Kristen Jessop made me Mickey Mouse pancakes. Best day of my life. I love the Jessop's. They made a "Y" one for Elder Wells and he asked if I would eat it even if I'm a Ute... I was extremely close to whipping out the legendary Shooter McGavin "breakfast" quote...

- hit up DQ with the Della Silvas... I needed that Blizzard to cool down the verbal burns sister Della Silva was throwing at me... Everything from the Utes to the VL Club. It was a night of #ShotsFired. So much fun, I love them. Bro Della Silva is possibly my most favorite BYU fan out there. #SorryJonny #YouAreAClosetUteAnyway  #TwitterDreamTeam #StillNoDysentery

- Brother Douglas turned on the sirens on us as we were walking around one day, kinda freaked me out. Out of pure habit I instantly thought "dang it Jared" as I saw a black SUV with it's sirens on coming at us.

- June 9 will forever be known as #Track1 day.

- during our district meeting Elder Thomas did a discussion on using media and other tools to teach and keep lessons on track. We then did a role play where they needed some missionary's to act as a distracted family... Aaaaand Elder Wells was the grandpa and I was the grandma ... And if we are good at anything it's acting like we are in a dysfunctional relationship. So freakin funny. We were fighting the entire time like an old couple and not gonna lie the sisters teaching did a good job of keeping it together. I'll give em a #AchievementUnlocked.

- Elder Bills told me he wants to go on punch bag man dates with him after the mission. #ImDown

- went to Naps with Brother Warner... Such a good night. We had a fun time just the 3 of us, good guys night. Lots of talk about COD strategies... blowing up stuff...  guns... Then we even got a little spiritual and he told us his conversion story while he was in the Marines. It's pretty amazing, I have a ton of respect for him. That story combined with "Baby O'Reilly" being played in the background on the radio nearly got me to tears, it was a good song for the moment. He then was giving us dad advice and told us "it makes combat look easy". He said it with a straight face and it was gold.  He also said the best part about being a dad is seeing your mannerisms in your kid. Got me thinking about @pettbryan and all the things we do the same... #SorryMom. It was a fun time, we had our burgers and huckleberry lemonade and it was just a good night. 

- met a lady who was either fresh out of China and didn't speak a lick of English or she was playing the "I no speak English card." 

- with Brother Woods now in as a counselor, the bishopric is comprised of 2 Utes and an Aggie. 🐸☕

Another sweet week! Can't believe how fast this transfer is flying by. The sisters in the zone expressed they are a little concerned about the bromance between Wells and I. Our unity is almost too fire. During district meeting someone asked where weaknesses come from and right on cue we both say "natural man"... Companionship unity... #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends. The best are our non stop fake relationship arguments, you gotta witness em... We go all out, the sisters just roll their eyes at us. Our new favorite line to say is "pardon me Mr PERFECT!" from Dumb and Dumber whenever one of us makes a mistake. It's a shame laughing isn't an Ab workout cause I'd have a 6 pack for the first time in my life.

We probably sound really dumb... Cause we are... But hey it's good to laugh out here!

We had our ice cream party on Thursday!!! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT #HamTown!  Super fun, pretty good turn out. Had about 50 show up. Couple hours before we are walking into the building to set up and 2 kids bike by with card board swords and shields so my inner 5 year old came out and I got super excited so they came and brought them by to show us. One was 14 and the other was 10. Super cool kids, we invited them to the party and they came! Went and saw them the next day and he was rocking a full on Link outfit. Told us their mom is looking for a church and we are gonna start teaching the discussions... Ahhhhhh heck ya. Spiritual fist bumps baby, we got ourselves a family. #LightTheU.

Party itself was a blast. The projector wasn't working but right at the last second Will  came in clutch and got it goin #ChurchIsTrue... We did however run out of bowls and almost ran out of ice cream ... #IHadOneJob #SorryMamaJ #MOARICECREAM...  but we ran to the grocery store and restocked so crisis averted... Unfortunately this was during the Navy Coach part so I was kinda bummed I missed it but maybe the Lord knew I couldn't handle watching something about college football and that's why we ran out of bowls... #WellPlayed

That was my first time watching Meet the Mormons and it was awesome. Check it out fam. Maybe don't let my mom watch the missionary mom part cause Mama J and I got a little emotional during that one... Definitely don't let @pettbryan watch it. It's weird watching all that realizing I have done the "open your call" and the painful shopping and the hunger games arena entrance at the MTC and all that. Time is trippy out here, it's all a blur.

For me the biggest highlight of the night was when Dallan Koerner came up and told me he is getting the priesthood on Sunday... and asked if I'd confer him! That made me so happy. Really love the Koerner's and their conversion is a huge testimony builder to me. Dallan and the rest of the family feel like little siblings to me and although being the youngest is the high life I would've loved having little siblings growing up. The nieces and nephews back home and being a missionary is giving me a taste of that. It was a special experience being able to do that for him and one of the highlights of my mission. That whole family is awesome. Ballers too, I'm already trying to recruit Dallan to be a Runnin' Ute... #CoachK.

I know I've said it before, but it really is a family up here. I knew leaving my family would be rough but it really doesn't phase me, and that's because of the family I have out here. So grateful for the family I have in Montana. Whether that's a comp, the zone, a Member, less active, investigator, doesn't matter! It's special having that bond with people I didn't even know a year ago. Having them there for you and you there for them.

One night this week we got a prompting to go see a family we are working with... we usually only see them during our service afternoons on Wednesday so it felt a little random but we went over. Walked around back and they had just gotten back from the hospital after finding out she had been diagnosed with bone cancer. It was sad, and as you can imagine they were pretty shaken up. They have been on my mind a lot this past week and why we were sent there. You see some rough stuff on your mission, you are constantly being guided to people who are struggling, and it's sad, but you get to deliver the message that can help them. Whether that is the Atonement or Plan of Salvation or prayer or whatever it may be. You can be the instrument in the Lord's hand to help them. I'll be real, that's a little pressuring for a 20 year old goof ball like me to step in and try and do. It's a lot to take on, but it's helped me see the magnitude of how important and powerful this gospel is. I love the people out here, and I'm so grateful that we can help them. Missionary work is a lot more than the door knocking and college football abstinence I thought it was a year ago, it's reaching out to your family around you. 

I know God loves us, I know He wants to help, but we need to be His foot soldiers to help out those around us. Fam, I promise you if you pray to be put in situations where you can help someone, God will lead you much like what happened that night for Wells and I. It's sad when you see stuff like that, but what we know can help, let God use you to help them. You can be the answer to the prayer.

I'm sure I have lots more I can go on about but we'll call it good there! We are goin back to ground zero today for some hikin with the zone... Lake freakin Como... I'm gonna go bathe in tick repellent now for obvious reasons and make sure I get EVERYWHERE. #DontUseTweezers 

Oh and Elder Anderson of the 70 is coming this next week and Wells and I will be making the 7 hour trip to billings #LifeIsAHighway for a Leadership Council with him, gonna be sweet!!! So that's next Monday...  Then we drive back for another Mission Conference on Tuesday in Helena... So I guess that means I'll talk to ya next Wednesday! Super hyped for this, since we are going to both mission conferences that means I get to see everyone in the mission! Ma boy Elder Jaques, Elder Christensen #Track1!!!, Splash Elder, Elder Metcalf, Elder Schneider... Elder McMahon.... Elder Rose... Elder Okie... All of them! It's gonna be a bromance reunion. Love all the friends I'm making out here!!! Those BDubs MBM reunions in the future are gonna be more fire than the mango habanero hot wings we will put down!

Have a good week family!!! Love ya!

*** going back to what Brother Warner said about seeing his own mannerisms in his kids... Happy Father's Day to the dads out there that have helped mold me. Grandpa Phil and Grandpa Pett are two of the greatest men and role models in my life. Brady, Kasey, and Kurt have set a very high bar for the type of dad I want to be...

And most of all, Happy Father's Day to THE @pettbryan. I wish I could live tweet the entire day #StoriesOfPettBryan but unfortunately missionary work takes precedence over embarrassing my father on Twitter with videos of Utes/Jazz meltdowns and Disneyland turkey leg consumption and all that other stuff I have...

I still think the "get the hell away from it" meltdown from '14 Utah vs Stanford takes the cake so someone watch that one for me, I think it's on my vine. Actually most should still be on there from last years Father's Day so...ya just check out my vines from last Father's Day, @MPett3. Can personally promise you will wet yourself from laughing. Always an adventure when you have @pettbryan to watch.

Anyway, don't know how many 20 year old dudes consider their dad their best friend but I know I do! You're my Disney buddy, my date to high school dances #MarchMadness2k14 #SorryMom, my Man Cave wing man on college football Saturday's, and you're who I wanna be as a dad and husband. You scored me the best mom out there and that right there gives you a strong say in the #FinalFive so don't let the women forget that. Thank you so much for your example of work ethic and focus on family.  I love all the stories, the teasing, all the inside jokes, the death threats when we hide your food... They are all endless we have so many. I love ya dad, I know you are more emotional than mom and the sisters combined and that really touches my heart considering I only ever saw you cry when we rewatched Stockton's game winning 3 in the WCF so I'm honored to be held in that same regard.

Happy Father's Day @pettbryan.

- Elder K



More Ice Cream
The Mouse
The Big Sky

Howards 25 anniversary party. Had to get a pic with Brother Chapman. #MurrySprtnas uniting in #HamTown!!! 

I don't even know what to say about this

@pettbryan throwback  Love ya dad

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