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#BaptizeStockton - June 27, 2016


Well I'm auto bots rolling out of #HamTown and going back to Bozeman (hashtag nick name still under review...). I'll be doubled into one normal ward and the MSU YSA Ward (which is funny cause I always claim I'd rather take a steel toed boot to the nuggets than attend a YSA when I get home so proof God has a sense of humor). I'll be serving with Elder Crane who was just released as an assistant. He's a cool elder, he's the one I did exchanges with when I went to Billings a few months back. 2nd straight time President has paired me with a former AP so I'm super grateful for this learning experience. Gonna be crazy getting doubled in as zone leaders and Elder Crane goes home at the beginning of August so.... I gotta learn quick. Stoked like crazy to go back to the original zone where it all started 1 year ago and serve on a college campus  but... I don't wanna leave #HamTown. Freakin bummed. This part of the mission sucks. Church is still true. Here's some highlights of the week.

- sent a pic of the ketchup incident last week but didn't explain what happened... So we hit up DQ with the Corvallis elders and Elder Wells tried to look cool by spinning the ketchup bottle and it backfired...

This is why we can't have nice things.

- had a lesson with a less active family and Mama J and Kristen came along and they were so money. Really cool lesson. We used "Inside Out" to talk about joy and sadness. Mama J thought Wells and I had a reached a new level of consecration cause we knew the page numbers of verses thanks to the iPad.. I also colored Belle #WifeThatGirl in the princess coloring book so that was fun. Their 2 year old was playing with my quad and flipped open to the pic of Z and I and took it out and looked at it... Just like what Kyler did!!! second time that's happened!

- Wells and I were talking with the sister training leaders and they claimed I suck at rebuking so for the next 15 minutes we practiced role playing me getting pissed at disobedient missionaries. Pretty much just quoted Coach Hines the entire time.


"Elder you stop screwing off on Facebook or I'm gonna set you on fire."

"Elder... If you refer to it as p-day and not preparation day one more time I'm going to remove your duodenum".

- We got back to our apartment one night and I straight up knocked it like we were tracting... I'd like to think that's consecration and worthy of a #AchievementUnlocked but I think it's exhaustion... I also tried to use a hymn book to look up a scripture in Isaiah during the mission tour and another night I had a little melt down cause I thought I lost the phone and Wells was in front of me talking on it...I'm turning into @pettbryan. Sleep is becoming my best friend.

- in Ether 12:24 Moroni is all like Ricky Bobby not knowing what do with his hands...  "Because of the awkwardness of our hands".

- went out with the Della Silvas... Made it the entire dinner without any fired shots then as we are leaving sister DS asks if I need any tissues... After I ask why she responds... "You know... For when BYU beats Utah..." #ShotsFired #PersecUTEtion

- got to baptize someone on Saturday!!! Super awesome. Her name was Kerry and was being taught by the sisters and they asked if I'd baptize her. Powerful testimony and conversion and I was super grateful to be a part of that.

- ... So after the baptism the #ZoneOfEnoch is all chilling together and someone said "you don't know me.." So I instantly... Almost automatically...  just starting going off....

"You don't know me... You don't know what I got... I got something to show you... I'M OLLLLLD GREEEEEGGGGG"

- everyone was looking at me confused and/or concerned except Sister Embry who was busting up laughing... She knows all about Old Greg.

She's coming to Bozeman with me so that's good and there were some other changes in the #ZoneOfEnoch. Yesterday telling them got emotional so I'm sure today it'll be worse at our last zone preparation day, we are a tight zone. In the most un-prideful way possible to say this I think President wanted to spread the #ZoneOfEnoch around the rest of the mission. Gonna miss this zone big time.

- saw a red tail hawk... Could have been the one that escaped that one year at the spring game #NeverForget. Didn't have laser vision though.

- got some scripture study notes MP3 version for ya. Alma 52:2 - @TeamBetaAlpha @MPett3 scripture. Alma 54: 7-8 the ultimate #ShotsFired subtweet from Moroni & Taken chapter. Alma 55:17 - #StealthOps.

- Naps with Sister Leiter and those are quite possibly my most favorite dinners as a missionary. I just get so happy when I see her and we get to down Naps burgers while talking about #TheRad

- when we can't find a address we call up Mama J to guide us... She's officially our Chloe O'Brien.

Biggest highlight next to the baptism was probably church on Sunday...

Man, I don't know what it was but Sunday was special. Church on transfer call day is always special. You wonder if that's gonna be it for you and the entire day you realize just how much you love that ward. Coach was hyping us up in ward council, mama J gave us a s/o from the pulpit and gave a talk worthy of #GenConf. Dallan Koerner passed the sacrament for the first time. Got to see Brother Matson and he told me he likes the fat head back home. We had 3 investigators there. It was a special day.

Then you get that call midway through Coach's fire gospel principle lesson deciding your fate and holy crap fam I'm just gonna let this out for a second so here comes a rant.

This part sucks. Hate is a strong word and I'll usually only use it when talking about ticks or horror movies or hospitals or my other "H*** NAH" aspects of life... But you can go ahead and throw transfers in there too. I don't doubt revelation, I know it's for a reason, but that doesn't make goodbyes any easier.

I don't really get attached to things that much... Back home I Just kinda did my stuff with those I knew... Didn't really care about branching out and trying new things with new people and don't really know why... Maybe I still got trust issues cause of Lotso in Toy Story 3 IDK but for whatever reason I just did my thing with the same people and the same stuff. Wake up, play ball, go to school, then work, make a video, play some more ball, cap off the night with some Subway and Ron Swanson on Netflix.  I liked that. All is well, life is good. Just me doing my thing. Some call it socially deprived but heck I was fine with it.

Then you go on a mission... And you actually talk to people and get to know them... And wow I have gotten attached to my areas! Hamilton was special, and a lot of reasons and events played in to that. I can't even begin to tell you the impact this place has had on me. It's so funny a year ago I left home fearing things would never be the same and here I am a year later feeling the exact same way.  I don't wanna leave this place, I don't want this to change. Words won't do it any justice. I love it here, I love the people we taught, I love Elder Wells, and I have never in my life felt so tight with a ward. There's a lot of reasons why we had the bond, and I'm gonna miss it.

Whenever I was freaking out last year (happened a lot) I remember going over and talking with Grandpa Phil . He'd tell me his mission stories and they got me so excited to serve. Well I can tell ya right now my grandkids will hear ALL about the petting whales bromance.

They'll hear about Mama J and Coach. They'll hear about the Chess nights with Greg and getting demolished in Nerf wars with Bro Warner.  The light saber of the spirit with Carson. Summer Christmas we had with the Kings. Naps with Sister leiter. Biking #SatanSummit. Talkin gaming strategies with the Equatore boys. Wizard playing his tunes out on main. Balling with cheese pizza. #ShotsFired at the Della Silva's.  #TickFromHell. Dave says no. The taser incident. P-Hut buffet with Corvallis after district meeting and many stories of the #ZoneOfEnoch.
Cereal nights with Bishop. The ward camp out and Disney charades.

Breaking and entering to get the score of Thunder - Warriors. Being know as "the pet" of the youth. Bro Meuchals legendary times he conducted sacrament meeting. The list goes on and on.
My kids will hear about the Matson's and how the faith and testimony of that family changed me. Hamilton left a legacy on me, they're family and I suck at saying goodbye to family. I feel like "Dumb and Dumber" was the best way to describe the transfer Wells and I had together so In honor of that... as Lloyd Christmas would say "I hate good byes." Can't wait to come back here. Love ya #HamTown.

Pumped to get back to Bozeman, I've been in grizz territory for quite some time and I'm no doubt a Bobcat at heart thanks to my first few months in Belgrade. Can't wait to see my #BGrade fam. Gonna be crazy being on a college campus but it's gonna be sweet, I loved doing exchanges there with Elder Metcalf and Elder Kennedy back in the day (pretty crazy thought I'm taking over their old area). It should be an adventure! Most elders get nervous cause the girls can be a distraction but not gonna lie I'm more nervous about being on a college campus during the fall lol. Sister Della Silva told us "and that's why they aren't afraid to put Elder Pett there"... One last #ShotsFired.

But ya, this is Elder Crane and a few other in the zones last transfer... The same month all my friends go home... While being on a college campus with the greatest time of year approaching where there will soon be a yell ringing through the mountains near and far... So combine all that and hopefully it doesn't lead to a nuclear disaster of being homesick lol. So that makes me a little nervous but if Bishop Hawkes taught me anything here it's "I'm not scared". Just gotta go out and make it yours. Ammon had every reason to be nervous but instead he cut off arms and converted the king #AchievementUnlocked

Cutting off arms is probably frowned upon so we will hold off on that but we're still gonna find and baptize the greatest point guard to play the game since he is coaching at MSU. #BaptizeStockton.

Love ya fam, and that includes Elder Wells and the #HamTown fam too.

Gonna miss this place so much. I have 0 desire to leave my family here but I guess you could say the same thing about me a year ago and that was the best decision I've made. It just never gets easier out here haha. Missions are crazy man. I love it.

- Elder K


2 year old girl who found the pic of Z and I. She was reading the Book of Mormon to her bear. Gonna miss her, we'd play during sacrament meeting.

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