Monday, October 19, 2015

Bears in the High School & 75 mph Roads - October 19, 2015

- There was a bear in Bozeman high.  #WelcomeToMontana

- Got a picture with Flo, just for you Z!

- Balled up with splash Elder Potter, he even takes care of my shoes.

- Found a $3 tie at the thrift store with an Indian chief on it....Not sure why the Tabasco logo is on it but IDC.... You better believe I was rockin that bad boy Saturday!!!  #UteProud

Another week crooooooooooosin by! So stinkin pretty up here, LOVE FALL!!! It's cooling down but I won't complain about the weather till I'm tracting in 20 below... Even that I can't complain too much, so lucky to be serving here.

Started a car share so those roads I talked about last week where we can cruise 75 on.... Now we're biking on! Pretty fun actually. We were wondering how we were gonna make it work, our area is huge! Then I remembered Nephi and all the struggles he had, when his bow broke what did he do??? Complain, or find a solution??? He sucked it up, built a bow, and got back to work. It's this logic and wisdom from the Book of Mormon that has inspired Elder Christensen and I to build our own car... Or capture and domesticate a wild animal...

*We have a goal to do something to get the white handbook rewritten...

***domesticating an elk and/or bear for transportation purposes would get us in there for sure.

*****Pretty sure if they had footnotes in there for the missionary that caused that rule to be added you'd see  "@pettbryan" quite a bit so just trying to follow the foot steps of my father.

******* #AchievementUnlocked

Really hasn't been too bad, I've got it so good serving here. Belgrade is just awesome. We are super pumped for these next couple weeks....

We will be filling up that baptismal font every Saturday the rest of October so we are pretty stoked. Robison family continue to amaze me and the spirit felt when we teach Oscar nearly brings me to tears.

This work is pretty dang cool, these two families have strengthened my testimony of this gospel so much, they're the ones doing the teaching.

Finished the Book of Mormon last week and started right over this week. Was reading from 1 Nephi and decided to look a bit deeper than I usually do when reading the beginning of the Book of Mormon.  I remember Elder DeGraffenreid and I talking about this on an exchange a while back....

1 Nephi 15:9: And I said: Lord, whither shall I go that I may find ore to molten, that I may make tools to construct the ship after the manner which thou hast shown unto me?

I have read that scripture A LOT of times, but never given it much thought. Nephi was commanded to build a ship to take his family to the promise land.

Did they miraculously appear in the promised land? No.

Did the ship just appear? No.

Did the tools needed to build the ship just appear? No.

Did the ore needed to build the tools to build the ship just appear? No.

This gospel isn't easy. NOTHING is given to us unless it is for us to act on it. We must....

1. Find the ore

2. Use ore to molten /make into tools

3. Use the tools to build the ship

4. Ship leads us to this promise land.

This analogy is applicable in so many ways... Missionary work for example...

1. Find those the lord has prepared for us
2. Using the gospel we turn them into tools
3. Using those tools we build faith... Or a gigantic ship....

4. This ship is what will take us to the promised land

Like I said, it applies to this gospel in so many different ways. The restoration, the atonement, church callings, the priesthood and so on.... One in particular that I especially think is cool is families.

1. Find the right ore.... You wanna get real deep doctrine you can start comparing females to the periodic table (#WifeThatGold).

2. Use the gospel to make that ore into the proper tool, so both of you can be used to your full potential.

3. Use each other's tools to build faith and families, to help everyone reach their full potential. To build that gigantic ship.

4. By living the gospel of Jesus Christ, That ship is what leads to the promised land/celestial kingdom.

Still not getting married for another like 4 years (8 if ea sports brings back ncaa football) #SorryMom, but I think that's my favorite analogy.  Families are so cool and as I have said many many times my family is amazing. So grateful for all of them and especially for gods plan that enables us to be with each other for ever.

Book of Mormon is filled with some major gems, but it's up to us to find the ore, make it into tools, and use those tools to build our faith and testimony. I've read that scripture many times and never given it much of a second thought, but this particular time I read it, it meant so much more. That's what's cool about the Book of Mormon, the words don't change, but the Holy Ghost will continually teach us.

There is an endless supply of knowledge that comes from it. I encourage all of you to search its teachings, molten tools that can build your family.

I'm so blessed to be out here serving the lord, this whole mission thing is starting to feel normal.... Which when I think about it is pretty weird.... I've mentioned a couple times how much the mountains here look like the oqquirhs when the sun sets. Saturday night especially I was being reminded by it.... That yell continues to ring through the mountains near and far. And I realized something, now I look out there and think about home. But the day will come where I'm in sack lake city and I'll look out to the oqquirhs and be reminded about my other home. I'll be reminded of the Families that have changed my life. I only get 2 years to be out here serving the Lord, better make em count!

"Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve."


 Love ya guys! ... As for the Utes.... m|_|m .... Keep it going UBoys!!!!!

-Elder K


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