Monday, October 12, 2015

A Solid Week - October 12, 2015

What's up everyone! This week was once again another solid one. I'll just get right to it and gladly announce I'll be in Belgrade for another transfer!!!!!! Lord sees the work Elder Christensen and I are doing and wants to keep us here.... I'm perfectly ok with that!!!

Weekly highlights!

- doing more training videos at the church and next thing we know 400 elementary kids are storming in for an evacuation drill, that was an adventure.

- fluffy bunny challenge at Sister Fife's.... I lost pretty bad. Ask my mom for the video.

- went and balled with some members of the ward along with some of Bozeman's elite ball players.... It was fun but nothing like those mornings we would have at 5:30 am. --- Miss u guys <3

- Checking up on a few investigators and one fella had some SEC football on so we got to watch the last 17 seconds of Tennessee - Georgia. I thought the Georgia player had the touchdown which would have sent it to OT but we had a lesson so thank goodness he didn't get it.... Cause we probably would've been late for the lesson... #ImKiddingMom

- got pulled over for going 40 in a 25 in Bozeman.... In my defense the average road in the Belgrade area is like 75 so driving in the city is a real struggle for me. Cop let me go on a warning and we were still on time for district meeting. #ChurchIsTrue #AchievementUnlocked

Overall another good week. Robison family and Nora and Oscar continue to strengthen my testimony of how true this gospel is. I'm not the one teaching out here, they're teaching me. Their faith and love is a true testimony to how amazing and pure this gospel is.  Lily and Hannah Robison both got up to bear their testimony and it was as simple as this - "I know this church is true, I know God loves me". So proud of both of them and their family. They weren't just saying that, they know it. I know that what they said is true because of the spirit we feel in their homes. Love that family so very much, so very blessed to be apart of theirs and Oscar and Nora's life. They have changed my life.

So grateful to be out here serving and the many wonderful people I meet every day. We are all God's children out here, is it really that hard to lift each other up and help your neighbor??? The faith people show strengthens my faith so very much. This week we had our first true Word of Wisdom lesson.... We walked out with a box full of alcohol!!! Never been so happy to be carrying around a box of beer!!!

I didn't even dump it on anyone! #StayingClassy #StereotypesHurt

Amazes me the faith people show. This gospel is true, I have front row, court side seats seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ change lives. Can't imagine how much those would sell for on Stub Hub.

Alright lastly I'd like to share a scripture with you I found this week....

Ether 5:6 And now, if I have no authority for these things, judge ye; for ye shall know that I have authority when ye shall see me, and we shall stand before God at the last day. Amen.

What a freakin sweet scripture. Book of Mormon has a lot of loving and inspirational words of advice then you have scriptures like this where Moroni just says it how it is, dude is a stud. Next fool that starts preaching anti is getting that scripture thrown at them.

Love you guys, I miss you all so very much! It's weird, this work is hard.... But I have NEVER wanted to do something more in my life.

Seeing how happy everyone back home is, along with the happiness we see and feel when with our investigators, makes this work well worth it.

Friday night I was driving around Belgrade with a box full of alcohol in the back seat (had to really control that lead foot...) and it really made me think.... Here I am in Belgrade, Montana. Driving around with a box of Booz listening to church approved music with some dude I had only known for 6 weeks while my family back home is camping out for College Game Day. You gotta be pretty dang crazy to be a missionary, but I'm out here because I know it's true. Saturday night after teaching the Robisons we were driving home and decided to pull off and look at the stars. Unbelievable. You could see the different colors of of the Milky Way, so cool! Another one of those moments where it finally hit me that I'm really doing this. Looked out towards the Bridgers and a favorite song came to mind as I imagined what was going on back home.

"Our yell, you hear it ringing through the mountains near and far."

As much as I wish I could've been there this weekend, there is no place I would have rather been Friday and Saturday night. Keep it up Utes. I'm there in spirit.... And apparently on a poster too.

- Elder K


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