Monday, August 10, 2015

"Through Christ I can do anything!" - August 10, 2015

Wasssupppppp everyone! Here are some Highlights from the week!

- Hiking the M was sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Got a new wife requirement -
 better like weekend trips north.  

- Saw the other elders were at the church so we decided to mess with them. Elder Jaques asked what we should do... before he could even question what a "stealth op" was I was back to acting Director of Field Ops for @TeamBetaAlpha. Noticed two Tangos inside the main congregation room. Attempted to retrieve visual Intel using my iPad camera but it was too risky so we barricaded the doors instead. Long story short we got them pretty good haha! ... I also felt like Jack Bauer out there running around with my satchel/man purse.

- Working service in the thrift shop, "turn down for what" came on... started reminiscing of the dirty Disney vid.... 

- My dad sent me screen shots of some of those "Go Fund Me entries". FREAKIN HILARIOUS. That one from Roscoe was gold, good work Ute Nation. After we get the field house done we need to get a banner on the psych building, look up pics from the Olympics to see what I mean. A giant Ute proud banner or something would look siiiiiiiiick. That buildings exterior is hideous... But it is a good place to film a time lapse...  If you know how to get on the roof.... #ULegacy

- The throwbacks made me cry tears of joy. Absolutely beautiful. About friggin time they start listening to Dahl (assuming that was his design since it's awesome).If they release what game they are for will someone tell me????  I said before I left that if serving a mission brings blessings then 1. RES will be under expansion when I return. 2. Dahl will be running unis. 3. NCAA Football will once again be hitting the shelves in July. #ChurchIsTrue #PresMonsonIsAUtahMan #CollieTears 

- Still waiting on someone to get the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack mission approved. Even started thinking of potential gospel related remixes.  Pina Colada song - "if you like preaching the gospel.... and tracting out in the rain..." All I have for now but not a bad start. The song has "write to me and escape" In it... It's practically already mission relatable. 

- Met a guy named Joey while tracting. Awesome guy, wants to meet again. He's been prepared for the gospel, I'm pretty pumped about him! He's also a big UCF Knights fan so we talked about last season and beating the Cougs in o.t. He liked that! --Also had to pee bad that night while tracting. But every time we started teaching about the gospel my urge to piss excellence went away.
----- #ChurchIsTrue
- Elder Jaques attempted to make homemade Kentucky Fried Chicken. After further review we decided it tasted and smelt more like fish than chicken. #MissionaryProbs

- Went on an exchange with one of my zone leaders, Elder Kennedy. Cool guy, great elder. Pretty dang serious haha. I had to get a feel for him so I told him about the time I was getting trolled on Xbox live about being Mormon. I was in the lobby for COD and a guy was calling me a gay Mormon (gamer tag was UtahMan3) I responded with "what's so gay about having 8 wives." THE LOBBY WENT NUTS WITH LAUGHTER!  One of my top moments on Xbox live.. So I told Elder Kennedy this and he was all...
😒 ya not impressed. Also let him look through my little picture book. He saw a pic of @pettbryan flipping the bird and closed it like it was a book of a Satan. Haha good guy! I learned a lot!

- HAD THE BEST huckleberry ice cream sandwich while getting our tire fixed. #DirtRoadLYFE #WelcomeToMontana

- Saw Elder Lucas Mann had an encounter with a German Shepard and ran. Bro, we were teaching 
 a lady to pray in her front yard and her freakin devil puppy started biting me during the prayer! Can't let a dog stop u from missionary work! I kicked it off so all good.  (this is why closing your eyes during prayer is important for investigators) 

- Met a lady tracting that doesn't believe in god... Only goddesses... That was a new experience for me, definitely adding that response to the tracting bingo card.

- Spoke in sacrament meeting Sunday, that was cute. Subject was on families... that's practically my - Steph Curry... cross over... 
behind the back... step back 3 - of gospel topics. I quoted the last verse of "Love at Home"  in it... Guess what the intermediate hymn was after I spoke.... LOVE AT FREAKIN HOME! #ChurchIsTrue.
- Elders quorum is freakin awesome. Just a bunch of men telling stories. We have 2 cops in there and they have some awesome stories... No One in elders quorum has much faith in the Belgrade police department anymore... 
- Met a lady tracting that went to NC but is a big Duke fan. Talked about her team breakin my heart in the sweet 16! Good talk, awesome people. Said they don't want to convert but are interested in hearing our message. We talked about the plan of salvation and about her dad who passed away at a young age. It was sweet, she had lots of questions! 
- Found an apartment while tracting. Pretty sweet. We move in Friday so I'll have more deets on it next week. Right now we have no furniture but we have a washer/dryer/ which is sick!!! I'll miss the trailer, but looking forward to moving in! 
- Well that's the weekly highlights, a lot more awesome stuff but I can't remember it all! I'm going on an exchange with Elder Kade Potter tonight and for tomorrow. Super pumped, we talked on Twitter before we left and hung out at the mission home so I'm looking forward to serving with him... We only have a few weeks of in field experience but I'm excited. We'll be running a Stockton to Malone pick and roll both on the court this afternoon and in the homes of investigators tonight! 👌🙏🔥🏀
I've learned a lot this past month, A LOT. I knew I had a rockin family but you don't truly learn how awesome they are until you are away from them! They are my strength, my "rock". I miss em, I have this ability where I can look at anything and I can tie it back to my family (this is especially true when volunteering at the thrift store, lots of random stuff!) For a while I hated this, it made me miss em too much. It wasn't until I was lying in my trailer bunk one night that I realized something...

Christ turns our weakness into strength while Satan turns our strength into weakness. I'm blessed with a family that is no doubt the most awesome family out there. I got an email from Lala saying She found Z praying ... ON HIS OWN!!!  "Nana. Dada. Tay (McKay) prayers. Amen."

That made me shed a manly tear but it also motivated me to get out and work, work harder than I ever have in my life. Put my shoulder to that wheel and press harder than I ever have in my life.

My family is my strength. Those memories we have of each other, make it so easy to see anything and think about them, is my strength. So when I see those little things that remind me of what I have back home, I can't get discouraged, that's what Satan wants, to turn my strength to a weakness. So rather than miss them, I see those little things and it reminds me of what we have and what this gospel can bring to other families.

I have only been out a month, but like I said I have learned a lot. I'm still @MPett3 and Uncle K but my entire outlook on life has changed. Coming out I had heard that a mission was the hardest thing I will ever do. When someone serving in the navy or someone who has been through a fall camp with coach Whitt tells you that, makes you wonder how hard it really must be. All along I told myself "if I can do this I can do anything". While that may be somewhat true, I've learned it's so much more that that. It's not "if I can do this I can do anything" it's "through Christ I can do anything".  This is hard work. And I know for a fact there's no way I could do it on my own. It took being set apart and being sent ALL THE WAY to Montana for me to figure this out, but you don't have to wear a name tag or live away to know that through Christ anything is possible. So pray always, study the scriptures, look for service. I PROMISE you it will bless your life. Cannot believe that a month ago I'd only pray once a day and maybe read a chapter of the Book of Mormon if I was feeling super spiritual, how did I get through life back then! 
 I promise you if you put all your faith in Christ, you will experience miracles. You will experience the love of Christ. 

I really do experience amazing things out here. Can't even describe what it's like knowing you are a foot soldier for His army and he is guiding you, straight up feels like the Holy Ghost
 is playing the Sims with me. Small example, we found some lady smoking on her porch, felt prompted to go talk to her. Introduced ourselves, talked for about a minute, then offered to pray with her. We barely met her, yet we could feel in our heart what she needed to hear in that prayer. 
-  could also feel her puppy biting a hole into my pants, but that's besides the point. 

I guess what I'm getting to, is Christ loves us. If we really do our best to give everything we got, He will pick up the slack and guide us. I know that. He will turn our weakness into strength. 
Focus on the teachings of Christ, and I promise you, your families will be blessed
- I myself am getting Pretty friggin stoked to have FHE with my own family someday, it'll probably end up just being a Book of Mormon nerf war reenactment...  -aaaaaahhhhhhh ya that's happening. -
   Like I said, it took serving a mission for me to figure this out, but experience it for yourself! Pray, pray for whatever you are struggling with! Pray to say hello, I don't care! Just do it, I promise it'll help. Every night at 10:00, My family and I get on our knees for family prayer.  I pray to my Heavenly Father simply telling him how grateful I am for my family and that I get to be with them for eternity. For about 7-10 minutes, I go down the list. Dad, mom, Brady, Britney, BayBay, Kasey, Lala, Z, Kurt, Abby, Diz, Lex, then I wrap it up with baby Zeus. Telling each of them how much I love them and what I'd say to em if they too were sitting in that trailer with me. For a few minutes the gap between Murray, Utah and Belgrade, Montana is gone.  Pray with your families. If I'm way out in the middle of nowhere and away from them and having spiritual experiences imagine what'd be like kneeling all in the same room! I promise praying as a family will close the gaps that are in your own home and you will all be brought closer to Christ. 
Well that's it for now, thanks for everything! Sorry if I don't respond to all emails but know I love ya all!!! 
- Elder K  

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