Monday, July 11, 2016

Living on a Prayer - July 11, 2016


- That 4th was potentially the best I have ever had. Went out to the Robisons for their pig roastin party and most of the #BGrade ward was there. Felt like a family reunion... Nah, it was a practically a family reunion lol, Elder Crane served there too for his first area so it was sweet for both of us. Football, food, water fight, so much fun. Felt so good seeing everyone and especially the Robinsons and Broughton's. Amazing seeing how much they have grown since they were baptized last year. Can't wait for those 2 families to be sealed. 

- Talked with Brother Washburn for a good like 30 minutes about BYU and Utah's upcoming season. You know how every family gathering eventually leads to Mitch and I talking Utes/Cougar football??? Pretty much what it was like. Confession time tho... I gotta go easy on the blue Kool-aid, I've been downing it by the gallons recently, Kalani is a stud. As long as I'm drinking MOAR red kool aid right??? 

---I swear I'm more consecrated than I probably sound but cmon ITS COLLEGE FREAKIN FOOTBALL EVEN IF I CANT WATCH IM STILL HYPED.

- Then we got talkin about golf and Brother Stovall jumps in and says we need to go out with them, so that's gonna be goin down today if the weather holds up. (Been in the 50's and raining all week... Wouldn't be shocked if mountains had snow #WelcomeToMontana) For those of you that don't remember Brother Stovall... The Belgrade cop who is quite possibly the funniest person to walk this earth. Gonna be a blast being on a golf course with those two. 

- Bishop Carlson (REMINDER: he is like 6'5) was having a water fight with the youth and straight up picked up a sun beam and used him as a riot shield to protect himself. #GOALS. 

- while Brother Washburn and I were talking CFB Sister Carlson comes up and says "alright... I need to tell you something worldly about sports... Is that ok???" 

*this while Brother Washburn and I are going on an in depth analysis of the upcoming season 

"Ugh... Ya... Sure..." 


So then the focus shifted to the NBA. Love the Carlsons. Accidentally said "time to play the best game on the earth" as we were getting ready to play football and I had to quickly say "besides volleyball of course" before her and her daughter murdered me. 

You know it was a good night when you get back to your apartment and your American flag tie smells of camp fire, fireworks, and freedom. I could spend the rest of my 4th of July's in life in #Bgrade, so much fun. As for the rest of the week.... 

- so we taught our Muslim friend this week. Such a cool dude. Pretty cool sharing beliefs. Lot of differences but there are some similarities, he said he'd try out the Book of Mormon. He goes back to Saudi Arabia soon but we exchanged Twitter Handles so we can still be tight. #TwitterDreamTeam going world wide. 

- Go to a gas station to fill up and a lady stops us from NBC Montana and asked if we wouldn't mind sharing our thoughts on Montana transportation for the evening news... I'm down! It was straight up the most "I don't know what to do with my hands" moment of my life cause I didn't know what to say and there was actually a microphone and I honestly didn't know what to do with my hands! I just hyped up the bike lanes. When she asked "any other thoughts?" The Holy Ghost and/or my inner mom grabbed my tongue to prevent me from saying "vote Ron Swanson 2020" or "Focker out" or "you stay classy Bozeman" or "... My whole life I thought the sun was a monster... ITS NOT A MONSTER! (Benchwarmers)" or etc... If I wasn't a representative of the church I would of have been all over that.  

-  so that night we get a text and Brother Rogers from #BGrade saw us on the news!!! #AchievementUnlocked 

- Did service at the Community Cafe... Oh man that brought back good memories of last year. Wasn't the same without having Elder Christensen there. 

- Flirt to convert is highly frowned upon for us missionaries but it's the go-to move for member missionary work in a YSA so we are doing our best to implement it... I'm just waiting for this to happen... 

"Hey Pete... That cute girl you were walkin campus with... You should share the gospel with her!" 

Pete - "that's my sister" 


.. "Big gulps huh? Well... Cya later!" 

- Went to Institute for the first time ever! #AchievementUnlocked. Pretty sweet. I'm down to do it when I get home. Being spiritual is pretty fun. Pretty sure Jared and I signed up to be on the council and that's how we justified not ever going... #SorryMom 
- after institute we were in a group going off about how amazing Marvel is and how the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is pure excellence (the panther and I would jam SO HARD to that soundtrack back home). I love the YSA. They also get my Ron Swansonisms. These are my people. 

- found this stud dude from the Caribbean while we were contacting on campus. He's awesome. His accent is so money. We gonna baptize him, I can feel it. 

- we have an investigator on date for August. He's  from #Hamtown. Knows the Jessops. Runs track for MSU. He's awesome. We met with him and at the end when he prayed he thanked God that.…. "These missionaries aren't weird". #AchievementUnlocked 

- had a lesson over at Noah's house. "Hot in here" was playin on the radio so that brought back memories of like 6th grade... And fam... Imma just say you don't realize how dirty a songs lyrics are until you are listening to it as a missionary  with your investigator right there lol. 

- lesson went really well. Noah is sincere in wanting to find the truth and he's really searching. At the end he prayed about what we had taught him and it was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard. One of the most spiritual experiences of my mission even with the fact Nelly was playing on the radio an hour earlier. 

- CFB continues to be my go to contacting approach. We used Virgina Tech, Ole Miss, Toledo, SMU, Florida State, u-Dub, and a few other teams to get talkin to people. I'm a year sober of college football and I still know more than what is probably healthy for the human mind. The kid from VT was a little stunned when I started going off on how "Enter Sandman" in Lane Stadium is possibly the greatest team entrance in college football. Who ever knew being a college football nerd would come in handy when sharing the gospel. Fall Saturday's in the cave were practically preparing me for a mission... just tell mom that, @pettbryan. 

- drove to Billings for a baptism for someone Elder Crane taught. Afterwards we stopped by the mission home to grab some supplies and on the white board in the main room was written "BYU"... Well... I figured regardless what I do or what the scoreboard says I'm facing #PersecUTEion out here especially by the office couples so might as well live it up and drew a nice big ol drum and feather next to it with a "<3 - Elder Pett". President Wadsworth walks in and starts chucklin. Wouldn't be shocked if I get a call from Elder Baird saying my driving privileges are #TheyDone after that lil stunt lol. 

- went to the Christian Fellowship building to meet some people. Figured they'd be nice to us since WE ARE CHRISTIANS... Most part they were but you could tell some didn't like us. We answered some questions but they were just wanting to doctrinally throw down so we didn't hang around too long. One guy told me I don't believe in Christ and I kinda went off on him but I'll tell ya more about that experience another day. Contention doesn't get you anywhere but I wasn't gonna let that fly. Bless their hearts.  Hopefully someday the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will believe in Jesus Christ. *insert confused Lebron gif*

Alright. That's my rant for the month. 

- some guys drove past us and yelled "ALCOHOL WAHOOOO!!!!!" At us. Honestly have never heard that one before. 

- oh ya! so we are walking around the last few days near or on campus and we kept getting "you catch any sweet Pokemon???" Said to us... its been a little bizzare... like, usually when people yell at us its a  "go to hell" or "hail satan" so I didnt see how Pokemon was supposed to be offensive... We were kind of confused... Then we realized maybe they aren't making fun of us... So we see a guy walking and I hesitantly ask if he has "caught any Pokemon..." 

*looks up from phone

"just got a Magikarp aaaaaaaaaaand JUST CAUGHT A CHARMANDER!!!" 

*you know in Bolt when the cat says "I'm now concerned on a number of levels..." ... how I felt 


*you all don't live under the rock of missionary work I do so you probably already know about it but I was amazed. I think it could be a great tool for finding investigators so imma propose it to President but there is a better chance of me wifing Sam Steele than getting Pokemon Go approved. 

- go over to dinner and these members are moving to Richfield in a few weeks. Told them to try punch bags... The mom gives me that *bruh... Please* look and says "my grandpa built Ideal Dairy. We know all about punch bags." they also had Utes cups... Both parents went to the U. #DidWeJustBecomeBestFriends x2 

- biggest highlight of the week came from helping a guy move. We were checking out some former investigators in a neighborhood and saw a dad out alone with boxes and furniture everywhere! We helped him for about 3 straight days and over time he really opened up to us about his religious views. He said our service "softened his heart" to the Mormon church (sounds like he heard a lot of nasty stuff from his church). Few nights ago we share our testimonies with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. He read a few verses we pointed out and said "it feels true." Once we mentioned the Priesthood being restored he said "I want that for my family". Crane and I both shared what it meant to us growing up with that Priesthood in our home. I testified of the examples of my dad and older brothers and how the priesthood has blessed our families. One of the most powerful experiences on my mission.  We got his contact info and the elders in Boise are gonna be there with the ward to help him and his young family move in. Went back last night to help them clean the house, and it felt like saying goodbye to family. Honestly the majority of the last 4 days have been helping this fam. Lots of memories and I know we were placed in their path for a reason. We are friends on Facebook and when they get sealed someday I'm goin, it's happening, I can feel it. If these elders in Boise screw this up I'll personally drive to spudville my self and slap them with a potato and drive back in time for prime pros. But in all seriousness, these last few days with them has been a major highlight for my mission. Very special family. Miracles are sweet. 

Well fam. Crazy week but a good one. Can't believe it's been a year. Wednesday night was when it hit me... Thinking back to #OperationABRO and how it was a year ago that night. I remember we ran outta dish soap so Will Thackeray and I made a run to the store and on the way back had the most fire jam sesh in the panther feat. Def Leppard, ACDC, Aerosmith, capped off by Hey Jude. Little nervous the cracked open glow sticks might kill us but I think we are all still alive. I was sitting there amazed that was a year ago. Greatest slip n slide ever. Hopefully the grass has grown back... 

As for Friday... From our morning jog till when I went to sleep I had... 

"Oh we're halfway there... Oh oh LIVING ON A PRAYER!"

"Take my hand, we'll make it I swear. Oh oh LIVING ON A PRAYER!" 

Stuck in my head. 

I get Bon Jovi isn't the most missionary approved artist out there but it fit the moment. 

That's life right now. Living on a prayer. Grateful for the last year and the one up head. Starting to realize this work never gets easier, the Lord just makes ya stronger. It can be a grind but I love it. Missions man... Words don't do it any justice. 

S/O to the Manns for getting home this week. Hit em up ladies. They're studs. Just don't get married till we are all home and know if you marry one you are stuck with all of us. #AutoBotsRollOut

Church is true. Gods love is real. My testimony is simple but it's a strong one. 

Love ya fam. 

-Elder  K


me and ma boy Crane 


Can we just take time to acknowledge how good lookin Bishops jacket was. 
Institute - took me back to the days of playing human cod with @teambetalpha in Brother Miller's class. 
This song came up on Cranes USB... Instantly thought of Jourdan Tidwell and the cruise... #NeverForget
Kitten in a flower bed 
Dropped something on my toe and instantly flashbacked to Monson's Sports Med class with Elder Boyd back in the day. Murray didn't teach me too much but I did learn R.I.C.E. Didn't have ice so I used an otter pop. Monson would be proud. 
Summertime (?)


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