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"Tractor Tipping" - May 9, 2016


Hope you're ready for this one... This is all over the place. 

Happy Gilmore. ZZ Top. Nuclear war... And Carnies... All in one. #BuckleUp 

- Had apartment inspections. Didn't "fail miserably". #NeverForget #BGrade

- Some members take us out for dinner one night and this restaurant must have had the Kenney Chesney Pandora station on or something. Shed a manly tear thinking about @TeamBetaAlpha when "Anything but Mine" came on.

- So can't remember if we told you about Sam but he is this older Native American man we met while biking. Was a member like 40 years ago but hasn't been back since. We have been working with him a little, really cool guy. We were on his porch and I'd shoot the ball at the mini hoop on the other side of the yard and his dog would soccer dribble it back to me! It was awesome. Basketball and soccer coming together, anything is possible. No ties or flopping from the dog so I was fine with it. Ted Lasso would be proud of me. 

- We go have a correlation meeting with Coach and his family and my stomach made the most gnarly growl ever!!! Coach asked if it was a fart and I told them that I honestly wasn't sure. Reminded me of the interview scene in Stepbrothers. 

- Had another service opportunity doing a lady's yard. While we are doing it her neighbor comes out and offers to pay if we do hers. We tell her we do it for free and then went over and did it. Afterwards we get a chance to start teaching her. She was so nice, a sweet elderly lady from Hawaii. Her English isn't too strong so we had to really simplify, it was awesome. Already said she believes the Book of Mormon is true and it makes sense the Gospel would need to be restored. She said "this is the church, this is the one". Pretty cool for someone who hadn't even heard about it 15 minutes earlier and barely speaks English! We'll see where it goes, really grateful to have the Lord place us in her path. She reminds me of the old lady in Happy Gilmore... "heeeeeeey you don't want breakfast?" 

- while on the topic of Happy Gilmore. The previous night we had a Cinco de Mayo taco fiesta at the Koerner's. Somehow Bro Koerner and I started singing the song Happy sings to the old lady through the speakers. It was beaut. Bro Koerner is like a foot taller than me and 3 times my size, he's awesome. I love the Koerner's. As we are leaving Kyler walked us out with his sword and whatever Rafael uses armed and ready to go in the back of his shirt. Love that kid. How we teach them is usually whichever Elder isn't teaching is entertaining Kyler so the rest of the family can pay attention. I was letting him play with my quad and it flipped open to D&C 100 where the picture of Z and I walking to Toon Town is book marked. He picks it up and says "look, it's me and you.". Didn't want to go full on @pettbryan right there in the middle of a lesson but it plucked my heart strings. That entire rest of the night no matter what he did (eating sour cream with a spoon, praying, yelling the female chest body part, sword fights, burping) I was trying to imagine that's how big Z is too. 

- We have a new investigator we got from the lemonade stand, his name is Doug (I'll explain more in a bit). Every time we plan for Doug or talk about him I start singing ".. And then we're gonna find our best friend Doug and then we're gonna give him a best friend hug". 

- Did service again at the place we did the chicken wire fence. (104 year old Montana farm house, it's unbelievable, mom you'd love it). No kamikaze chickens this time but they did have a baby duck hatch! We were in the front yard working this time, Metcalf was mowing and I was going hard with the weed wacker. They had this brick border around their big tree  and wanted all the grass and weeds on it gone. I'm not the most effective in terms of accuracy with a weed wacker but I'm good at straight up destroying everything with one. And this task was simple, terminate everything. #OperationWhirlWind. I get going and turns out this border is actually a full on brick path covered in weeds and grass! It comes out like a good 6 feet! They had no idea, it was sweet. Then she fed us pulled pork sandwiches and it was beaut, I love Montana. Husband isn't a member and she's a less active, we're making good progress with them. That's a family I'll be tight with.
- exchange with Elder Angle in Corvallis. Total stud, love that guy. We met this guy who has family in Murray. I ask who and he says "they live across from the Jordan River and the golf course, names are Brad and Julie"... He knows the Stenifeldts! Pretty sweet. Small world. 

- met this dude sitting outside his apartment and we somehow got on the topic of Marvel and the nerdness was spewing everywhere from our mouths, oh man I love Marvel. Awesome guy. He has a young family and we are going back next week. Told him he can't spoil Civil War for me. 

It was just an awesome week. I don't know exactly what it was, but it felt good. My mind is all over the place so I'll share a couple of the big highlights and we'll call it good for the week... 

All started with the lemonade stand. For the most part this one was almost a bust actually. Had like 4 people come up with what felt like the sole intent of trying to condemn us to Hell. Alright I'm going to get real with ya for a second here... This is my Clark Griswold rant of the transfer lol. 

That kinda stuff makes me mad, I'm sorry. We all have different beliefs and backgrounds, that's fine, but we don't go up to people and say "I don't mean to come off confrontational but God is going to punish you for what you are practicing". Bruh, do you honestly think I'd be doing this if I didn't know it's true??? Give your family a call and tell them you love them, probably pretty nice to be able to do that more than 2 days a year huh? But what do I know, I'm apparently just some kid from Utah that doesn't know anything and is going to Hell for trying to serve others like Christ did. 

*Those are things I'd like to say but I'm really trying to get better at this whole being Christlike thing.

 Heck, If I had a dollar every time someone whipped out the Book of Revelations on us, the south end zone at Rice Eccles Stadium would be under construction, some people just love to argue. If you don't believe the same as we do, that's fine, I respect that, but call it both ways and respect us. We're just trying to hand out some freakin free lemonade. Rant over. Where's the Tylenol. 

So a good 2 hours later with some bite marks in my tongue we pack up. That's when 2 high school kids walk by and I hear... 

 "... They come running just as fast they can, cause every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man" 
 ... being played from his pocket. My head jerks around and I say... More like yell (classic rock soothes the soul and I haven't heard that song in 10 months so I was a little excited)  "IS THAT SHARP DRESSED MAN BY ZZ TOP!!!" Hearing that song alone was a tender mercy then we get talking to them and they don't have a religion but are interested in finding one! Heck ya. We are meeting with them at the church Wednesday. And that is  my boy Doug that we are "gonna give him a best friend hug". Interesting thought Metcalf and I had. Had one of those confrontational Jack wagons not shown up, we would have packed up a lot earlier and not have ever met Doug. Gods hand is so strong in this work, but it's not always what you expect it to be. Like Mosiah 23 says, the Lord will try our patience and faith. 

Next up. Splits with THE Bishop Hawkes. Not gonna lie. Probably the greatest night of my life, Bishop is a stud. I couldn't sleep the night before I was so excited for this split. We go see a less active guy we are working with and this brother says that grizzly bears are the only things that scares him. 

Bishop responds with "there's only 2 things that scare me... And 1 is nuclear war... And the other is carnies..."  

While this member and Elder Metcalf are looking at him with the "what on earth?" Look... I have my hands down in my palms trying to contain my laughing. I look up to see my smiling bishop and all I say is "small hands" and he nods at me. I gotchu Bishop!!!  You know you have a good bishop when he's quoting Austin Powers in lessons with a less active. Super fun night, he's a great bishop. He brought a really strong spirit into the homes. The Hawkes are definitely a family I want to stay tight with. I told them I'll drive to Logan if it means seeing them whenever they fly in on their plane, I'm not scared.

 (I have officially adopted "beaut" and "I'm not scared" into my everyday vocabulary. Bishop says one of those 2 at the end of every sentence, it's beaut.)

On the drive back Bishop tells us he would feel like he hit the lottery if his daughters married guys like Metcalf and I. I'm not saying this to try and boost my draft stock or anything, but not gonna lie that plucked my heart strings a little considering how protective he is of his girls. He's a good bishop, and he's an awesome dad, no doubt Dad #Goals. He looks out for us. 

Then you have Sunday... It was a special day. My hands were shaking bad hitting that call button lol.  Seeing Eli was awesome, he's a tank! Bay and Diz are huge! And Z TALKS!!!  When I left it was a big deal if he said anything other than "desth" or "nana" and during the Christmas call he didn't say anything so you can imagine my excitement when he straight up told me he wants me to shoot monsters with him and go on Small World!!! I kept it together for the most part, couple tears. Then at the end when I saw the reason why @pettbryan wasn't talking was cause he was emotional it was game over and the wheels fell off and I broke down but mama J gave me a hug after so it's all good. 

40 minutes isn't enough, but I'm so grateful for it. It's enough to remind me how much I miss my family and how much I love them. When that call ended and the face time app went back to just showing me. I sat there for a moment looking at some teary eyed blondy wearing a name tag, and it was one of those moments where it hit me that I'm really doing this. Some do a pretty good job being away from their family, but I'll fully admit it eats me up being away from mine. A mission teaches you a lot. From the gospel to removing a tick latched on your crotch. But it's especially taught me how much I love my family. I can't wait to ride Small World with Z, or sit in the cave with @pettbryan, especially can't wait to show my fam the Big Sky,  or even be able to just sit and talk all night long with my mom, but deep down there is nothing else I'd rather do for the next 14 months. Because I know this is where I gotta be and the Lord continues to teach me and show me miracles. 

Example of a miracle, later Sunday night we go do family history with our Native American friend Sam. He hasn't heard of his parents or any his family in a really long time and we told him about family history. Brother Smith (he has an eye patch and is the Steph Curry of family history, that's all you need to know about him, I freakin love him. #GOAT) helps us out and we found Sam's parents. He knew they had passed on years earlier but didn't have any real information, He got a little emotional reading their obituary's and looking at pictures of them and afterward told us "once I saw my family on that screen I couldn't stop myself from crying". 

Sam and I aren't too alike. He's 65 +, Native American, has a pony tail, carries a sweet staff/stick, etc. we have all these differences and circumstances. But I had a pretty good idea what he meant when he said that in his wise Native American accent. "once I saw my family on that screen I couldn't stop myself from crying". 

Can't even put it to words what it was like those 40 minutes with my family and what it was like seeing Sam so happy to find his mom on Mother's Day. It's difficult for me. I ain't gonna sugar coat that, but those moments make it worth it. All about families. 

Sorry if this was all over the place, just know I love ya fam! Here comes the 7.5 month stretch till I get to talk to ya again.

"I'm not scared". 

Love ya, the Church is true. 

- Elder K


- Tractor Tipping. All we got left is Guido, Luigi, and Frank I think 

- some members got puppies



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