Monday, April 11, 2016

"Don't Just See the Highlights" - April 11, 2016

What's up FAM!?!?

I have a ton to talk about, just a heads up, this is going be a narrative today. 

- Alright... S/O to Elder @teambetalpha on the sly #ShotsFired in his last weekly email. Don't worry,  I'll never love a girl more than I love you and the mouse <3 . #WellPlayed 

- we spent a solid 5 minutes watching in amazement as ducks were flying around... I finally turn to Elder Metcalf and say "this is what our lives have come to." I honestly feel like Bubbles in Finding Nemo... Who ever knew 2 twenty year old dudes could be so easily entertained. 

- we rock up to the Jessop's late Monday night. Notice everyone is upstairs so we go up. Metcalf is in front of me a few steps and when he gets to the top he says "nope, we gotta leave." I'm a few steps behind and not gonna lie I'm thinking oh dang the Jessop's are practicing black magic or something for family home evening. I come around the corner and... I understood what Metcalf meant... 49-46 with 12 minutes to go in the championship game . Remained calm and we quickly got out before my heart became unlocked.  ---  I think that "Lock Your Heart" talk is centered on Elders checking out females but for me it's Camaros and college sports and Naps burgers. #NoRegrets #SorryMom. Sounds like it was one heck of a game. 

- went and did some yard work for a lady in our ward. I never thought I'd say I miss yard work but oh man I have missed it!!! Something about wearing normal people clothes and getting dirty just feels so relaxing haha. Plus serving your neighbor is good too. But ya, lot of fun. I was able to trim without throwing an @pettbryan temper tantrum when the weed- wacker stopped working so that was good. 

- A 5 year old proposed to me. Ring only fits on my pinky but hey it's the thought that counts. 

- every time we drive past a field of cows I say "see you at Naps" and wave my hand out the window. My zone probably thinks I'm an awful person haha, I'll admit I feel a little bad when there's cute lil calves out there but THOSE NAPS BURGERS THO!!! #ImAMonster

- walk into the Jessop's one day and Mama J said "family on 3". Caught me super off guard not gonna lie. She watched the "I Bet My Life on U" UVid. Can't believe that was a year ago! 

- Koerner boys have started playing ball with us in the mornings so we are up to having 3 on 3 between the Elders, Koerner's, and Brother Poulson and his son Darin (aka cheese pizza) being there. It's not quite the same as the 5:30 days but it's still awesome. Half court only rule still breaks my heart but the church is still true. You wanna get Bro Poulson and I fired up just bring up how you can play full field football and soccer and no one bats an eye... Play full court basketball and the world loses its mind. He's awesome haha, we quote Ted Lasso and Key and Peele. Super fun group to play with, I'm slowly bringing the 5:30 tradition to #HamTown. 

- transfers were on Wednesday. Made the 3 hour drive to Helena and dang that's pretty. Helena Stake Center on transfer day is the biggest cluster I have ever seen. But it was super fun seeing missionary's I haven't seen in a while. Sister Dayes passed a message to Sister Freeman who passed it on to me about Utah getting blown out by Gonzaga... #ShotsFired x3. Elder Rose and I were reunited, haven't seen him since transfer 1 in Brozeman. He goes home next transfer so I won't ever get to serve with him but we are tight haha. That hour at Olive Garden with him, Elder Okerlund, and Elder McMahon was possibly the funniest hour of my life. Can't believe that's been 9 months! I saw my boy Elder Jaques there too! I'm gonna be super sad when all these elders start going home. 

- Something came up where only one elder was coming into our zone which led to 2 areas being combined (1 of which was already covering 2). And the Zone Leaders get to sort it out! Good thing I had Elder Metcalf or else I would have had no clue what to do haha. So now we have a tri-panionship! Elder Bills is the new elder to the zone. He's cool. Super pumped to have him here. 

--- On the Way back we are asking him about his life, he's From the Richfield area and I asked if he's ever had a punch bag... His response..  "All the time"

*turns around 

*gives him high five 

*insert Step Brothers "did we just become best friends"

- we get to Stevensille and Elder Meinhardt is telling Elder Bills the boundaries they cover... It's 3 wards so they cover practically half the valley. 

--- Meinhardt says "everything the light touches is our area..." 

*Elder Meinhardt is quoting Lion Kking!!! No one caught the reference, I couldn't leave him hanging... I obviously gotta get in on this. 

I turn to Elder Bills... "Except that shadowy place... That's the sisters area... You must never go there Elder Bills." 

Elder Bills along with the rest of the elders had no clue what Meinhardt and I were talking about but it was awesome. 

- #HamTown does this sweet thing where the second Friday of every month Main Street gets lit!!! The street is full of vendors and stuff and the shops stay open till 8 #TDFW. It's way fun. We were walking around the booths and it was kinda weird having people want to talk to us for a change. 

- ate duck... It was interesting. 

- we found a less active and were telling him about testimony meeting on Sunday. He loves testimony meeting and it was pretty clear how excited he was by some of the explicit terms he used. Never heard those words used when talking about testimony meeting but he showed up! 

- We were hanging out at the park with the Koerner family before dinner. Kyler likes to think the wood chips are knifes so he's showing me all of his "knives" that are wood chips. Well he brings one up to me that is red and has a white cross on it... He found a Swiss Army knife on the playground! I slyly retrieve it from him and gave it to the mom. The kid is 2 years old and he already knew how to work a Swiss Army knife... Not gonna lie I was impressed. Reminded me of all the times I'd come home to find Z in my room going through my drawers and he'd have all my pocket knives out haha. 

Alright so I have noticed that I don't exactly share too many spiritual experiences in these emails... I think it's because that it is all in my journal and this is the one time I can just let loose and tell people the random stuff that happens throughout the week. But I'm gonna try and share some spiritual experiences like my journal haha. 

- The Koerner's are a recent convert family that I absolutely love. We go over once a week to teach the new member lessons and each time I walk out of the house I'm reminded why we are out here as missionaries. They are such a special family, I just love them. 
- at a dinner with them this week and it really just turned into a Q&A with their son who is thinking about a mission. "How do I leave my family, what if someone passes away?" "What about school and work?" "What if I suck at teaching", just question after question and we are answering them. Midway through I realized those questions sounded all too familiar, because I was asking them a year ago. Kind of hit me in the moment how much the Lord has taught me and helped me grow, because a year ago that was me. A year ago I would have NEVER imagined I'd be bearing a testimony about how much I love this work. It opened my eyes that's for sure, and also got me even more desperate to teach mission prep one day. 

- during weekly planning we decided to pray for new ways we can find investigaors. We pray and both stay on our knees for probably a minute or so to tune into the spirit and receive the revelation we need. In my mind I'm thinking of things we could do and sarcastically think to myself "heck, let's just do a lemonade stand!" So we get up and kind of sit in silence... Then Metcalf turns to me and says... "Why don't we try doing a lemonade stand?". WOW! This may sound dumb to you but it's no coincidence we both just happened to dream up an idea that we haven't even heard of before. Missionary work is cool, Holy Ghost is powerful. Pumped for this lemonade stand. 

- so last week we tract a trailer park that has been on our mind. We had gone a couple times and had absolutely 0 success but we kept on feeling like there was something there for us. We find a 23 year old single mom who grew up going to church with her grandma in Helena but hasn't been in a while since she moved to Hamilton. Sweet! We found a less active that we can get reactivated! So we get a lesson set and head back over with sister Della Silva. Her grandma was their too it was sweet! Her 3 year old daughter trusted me enough to let me color in her Hello Kitty book so that was nice. We get teaching and the mom tells us... "I was never baptized... Am I too old now???" I was trying hard to contain my excitement haha. She wants to get baptized and we are shooting for May 7! Pretty good Mother's Day present. #LightTheU 

- Then Sunday rolls around... I absolutely love Sunday's, even more than Monday's. The sacrament and being with the ward helps me feel closer to my family than emailing does. Ward Council was good, Bishop Hawkes is a total crack up. We are going through the ward list and he says "Dan Smith... BYU.." Coach and I were the only ones that got the reference and busted up laughing.  Next up, testimony meeting... And guess who shows up!!! Our boy Greg!!! (60 year old black man that has a black widow for a spider and is the #GOAT of chess). We have been trying for a long time to get him to come and there he was! It was cool because so many people already knew him from chess youth night and the Jessop's came in clutch and sat by him. Testimony meeting gets going. Then we see the grandma of the girl we put on date start walking up. And she shares her testimony on prayer. How she was praying for someone to be sent to her granddaughter... And how the 2 elders in the ward knocked on her door shortly after. Oh man it was powerful. This obviously gets Metcalf and I up there. As Elder Metcalf is talking Kyliegh Koerner comes and sits by me because she wants to go up! Domino effect of testifying about missionary work! I had no idea what to say so I said what I knew, that God loves us. Gave Kyliegh a fist bump Then she bore an awesome testimony, then her brother got up there, then the mom got up and talked about her conversion and her love for us! It was a testimony meeting I'll never forget. 

And to wrap it all up. I wanna share with you the analogy Coach (Brother Jessop) shared with his Gospel principles class yesterday. How sometimes all we see is the ESPN highlights but never see the rest of the game, or what goes on leading up to the game.  (His lessons always come back to sports, I love it.) 

" Sometimes in the gospel we only see the highlights, and fail to see what's going on the rest of the time" - Coach Jessop 4/11/2016

 That hit me hard as you can imagine. Hype Videos = my life haha.  Really got me thinking... Before I worked for the Utes I only saw the game, only put together the highlights. Then I started working with them, and started to see what goes on the rest of the week. The grind that leads up that game. It blew my mind how much work goes into 60 minutes of playing time a week. Yet, so many people only see what happens on Saturday. 

Making videos was kinda the same way too. No one really saw what I was doing to make the video, don't get me wrong I love doing it, but it's not always easy. Thinking up new ideas, the frustration of being told a certain video wouldn't appeal to recruits and the fan base. No one saw the digging on YouTube for footage cause that's all I would be able to use. The late nights working at the library, the #StealthOps that took place for some of those time lapses. Heck, I didn't care though! Because there was something about seeing the reaction of that final product that made it all worth it. Not the fame or credit necessarily, but how happy I made people!  Seeing Twitter blow up over a video that "wouldn't appeal to recruits or the fan base", seeing how hyped players got. Walking through the facility hearing that video being played down the hall in a coaches office. Or getting home late at night and hearing it being played in your parents room. Making a Disney video that would be used as the go to move when one of the babies are crying. Or when you are only 20 seconds into the dirty Disney and @pettbryan and the rest of the family are already crying they're laughing so hard. Seeing that happiness makes the work worth it. 

Missionary work is the same. I've got highlights, oh man do I have some highlights haha. But sometimes I have to remind myself that it's not always highlights. You gotta work to lead up to it. It's pretty dang hard on me sometimes, but a sacrament meeting like yesterday or seeing Brian Robison baptize his family, those highlights make it worth it. Like Coach said, the gospel itself is the same. We can't expect highlights all the time, but they'll come if we work for them. 

... Well that was pretty much all my email time haha, if I don't email you back just know I love ya. I just gotta rant some times that's all. When something gets in my mind I better talk or type it out or else it's gonna be locked in there. 

Another week ahead... We have our Austin Powers World Defense Council thing on Wednesday in Helena... And they need someone to drive the car that used to be used in the pre-combined area up there... You know what that means... #TheyBack. It'll be weird driving a car alone but I'm sticking that car 5 mph under the speed limit on cruise control. Hamilton is straight up gorgeous right now. Like wow I'm loving this weather, "summertime" by Kenney Chesney has been stuck in my head all week as you can imagine but MoTab will have to do for now. 

Happy b-day to BayBay this week, can't believe you are 1!!! I love ya Baylee. I have 2 words for the rest of the family going to Disneyland this week but you enjoy it little girl! I love you! 

- Elder K

- buffs
- German shepherd/wolf/husky mix. #IWantOne

- found Lil Sebastian at Hamilton tonight 
- moon

- selfie after putting someone on date... Started by elder Christensen and I in Belgrade 
- he was so happy to get a Utes banner in there. Told me if anyone brings in a BYU one he'll place it in the corner away from the pac 12 schools. #ShotsFired. He said it, not me. 

- challenger 

- Kasey, probably my favorite dog ever. She's huge. 

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